Word Search Pro‧ App Anmeldelser

Challenging and fun

It places a new twist on word search games by not giving you the list of words to find. You have to guess them based on the title of the puzzle😊

Very fun

Title says it all


Love this app so much!!


Nice hane


This game makes no sense. Pointless!


Great thinking game

Awesome game

I love this game. It’s easy and fun to play

Lots of fun

Enjoy the game


Very fun

Great game

Really addicting

awesome game

very fun game

Raniya Jones

This game is really cool, it helps me focus. It’s very therapeutic actually.

Word search

We should get more hints and less ads


Great Game👍🏽


Game is awesome makes you think and works the brain


This is a very good game I think everyone should get it

I love the game but…

For 8/9 it’s hard to play I thought it was going to be relaxing but it’s kinda stressful

Fun challenge!

Keeps the mind working and it’s fun!

Time killer

Decent game. Sad that I need hints though

Great game

Love this game


I love this app so MUCH!!!!

free hints

im not much for reviews, but i get 5 free hints so

Just needs hint

I just need five hints that’s why I’m doing this

Word search


request: 10 hints for every time you go to the next level

i’m not quite sure if i like this game

Brinly Fisher review

I think this game is a fun, learning and educational game that everyone could play. Teen,kid,tween, and even adults! I hope you enjoy this game as much as I did!


Great game, being able to work my brain searching for the words. Some are very difficult to find tho

Fun, but

Fun, but most of the games don’t have a key.


This game is very very addicting!!

This is awesome

I love this game so so much


Lots of fun

Fun game

Fun game




Very cool


Good evening about doing word searches and I should I guess my rate it four stars




Love it


Good game

Fun game

Love it!


I really love the game it so fun!!

Did good

i did this to get hints

Good App

Like the app it’s a fun game. Only drawback is I wish you earned hints faster at higher levels

Great and challenging

It’s awesome. The only problem I have is with the ads but you can’t escape those anywhere lol. But the games pretty fun I like it.

Good job

Love it

Not bad...

... in my opinion.

Best game!!

Love it!

Word search

This game is awesome and so much fun!!

Fun word search

This is a fun game. The reason I did not give 5 stars is because I was prompted to provide a rating after playing only 3 word-search puzzles in the game. I think that is too soon to provide a reliable evaluation.

Super fun

Great way to pass time!

Word Search

This is entertaining and moderately challenging.

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